Peter Salnikov
Software Architect
AWS Cloud DevOps Expert
CI/CD Automation Expert
    • Complex Software Architecture Design & Implementation
    • Design and implementation of infrastructure solutions of any complexity - 20+ years
    • Clouds-practitioner – all cloud providers in the world
    • Kubernetes-practitioner: development, implementation and training
    • Implementation of full cycle CI/CD practices
    • Information security of IT-systems
    • Implementation of cost-effective IT-solutions
    • Business continuity management
    • Introduction of modern frameworks, tools and technologies
    • Agile practices: Scrum, Kanban
    • Manage cross-functional and remote teams of up to 50 people
    • Speaker of Russian and international DevOps conferences
    • 30 + projects on Upwork
    • 7500 + hours Remote work: UpWork, Freelance, CodeMentor, Direct Contracts
    • English (including technical) - C2
    • Psychoanalyst

    Technical Skills
    Cloud Providers: Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, Yandex.Ru Cloud, Mail.Ru Cloud, OpenShift Cloud

    CI/CD: Collect & Plan Requirements, Fetch Code, Build App Modules, Test Automation, Release Versioning, Zero Downtime Automatic Deployment, Multiple Environments Operation, Application Monitoring & Alerting

    Linux Fundamentals: Amazon Linux/Debian/Ubuntu/Alpine/RedHat/CentOS, Bash Scripting, Firewalls, Networking, Protocols TCP/UDP, PAM Security, Kernel Modules, Virtualization/KVM

    Monitoring: AWS CloudWatch, Prometheus, Grafana, ElasticSearch/Kibana, FluentBit, Zabbix, Splunk

    Load Balancing/Routing: AWS Network Load Balancer, AWS Application Load Balancer, HAProxy, Nginx, Traefik 1/2

    Languages: Java, Python 2/3, Bash, NodeJS, Ruby, Go, C/C++

    Tools: Pynt, Bundler, Rake, Maven, Gradle, Ant, Helm, Kustomize, Npm

    Continuous Integration: TravisCI, CircleCI, AWS CodePipeline/CodeBuild/CodeDeploy, Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Drone, Shippable, GitlabCI

    Continuous Deployment: Chaos Engineering, Chaos Monkey, Kube Monkey, Green/Blue Deployment, Canary Releases, Zero Downtime Deployments, Rolling Updates

    Configuration Management: Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef

    Data: MySQL/PostgreSQL, Aurora, Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Kafka/Zookeeper, Redis

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